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Prenatal Care

Start your birth journey off right with someone who listens to your needs.

Prenatal care is the first step in your pregnancy journey. We start by scheduling a consultation to get to know you and customize a plan for you. We also monitor your pregnancy and answer any questions you may have. Throughout the whole process, we will discuss the risks and benefits of your options while using shared decision-making.

During this time care may include:

Labor & Birth

Personalized service and care during the miracle of birth.

We offer personalized and high-quality care during labor and birth. Birth is a miracle and we will provide a safe and nurturing environment for it to naturally progress. Throughout the process, we will monitor you and your baby to ensure your health and safety. Complications are rare, however, we are trained to respond swiftly and accordingly. After birth, we will provide one-on-one support for you and your newborn while you welcome and bond with the newest member of your family.

During this time care may include:

Newborn crying on mom's stomach shortly after birth
Holding a newborn's hand
Postpartum Care

Let's continue this birth journey together.

Congrats! Now it’s time to welcome the newest member of your family. Let us help guide you through the postpartum period and help you adjust to parenthood. We want you to feel comfortable after birth and are happy to provide you and your new family comprehensive care. During this time feel free to ask us any questions. We will also be available to you 24/7 for urgent needs. 

During this time care may include:

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a great question, and one that everyone asks. The short answer is YES absolutely! Studies have shown that healthy people with normal pregnancies experience safe, if not safer births than traditional hospital birth. 

Further Readings:

First off, congrats on your pregnancy! If you would like to get started please contact us to set up a FREE consultation. 

We are knowledgeable and trained to diagnose and treat complications. We bring medications and resuscitation equipment to every birth so we are prepared to respond to emergencies.

We will happily submit any claims to your insurance company. Unfortunately we may not be contracted with all insurance companies but, we will work hard to ensure your care is affordable.

Let's Create Your Individualized Birth Plan

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Rose Midwife was started by a mother who learned how powerful mothers can be through her own birth experiences. Our mission is to encourage women to own their experience and honor the natural birth process in a safe and supporting environment.

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